Divination from flames

Divination from flames

Candle flames can tell you what will happen today or tomorrow. Do you want to see into the future?

If you want to see into the future, take three worlds and perform the following ritual.

Place the three candles in separate candlesticks, try to position them away from drafts. Light the candles and watch their flames. See how to interpert fortune telling from the flames:

If one of the candles burns brighter than the others, good luck awaits you in the near future. Approach this candle and, with your hands, rake the embers hovering over the flame toward your face. Perhaps you are waiting for something or want to achieve something? Close your eyes and visualize your dream. Then say out loud: This is what I will achieve. If the candle flames burn unevenly and flicker, it may foreshadow impending trouble. Choose the most flickering candle, looking straight into the flame say aloud: I do not accept, I reject. For the next two days, light the same candle and repeat the entire ritual.

When the flames of the candles burn evenly, but at some point one of them dims or flickers, it means that you have an unkind person near you. To neutralize her dislike, look straight into the flame and repeat three times: I have a luminous armor that nothing can pierce. Finally, close your eyes as well as surround yourself with golden light, as if you were enclosing yourself inside a golden egg.

If one of the three burning candles deflects the flame to the right side, it signifies coming love.

If the flame of the middle candle does not burn as brightly as the others, your current troubles are over.

When something sparkles above the flame, it’s a sign that you’re about to receive an important message.

If the flames burn in different directions, there will soon be important events or changes in your life.

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