Esotericism and psychotronics

Esotericism and psychotronics

The word esotericism comes from the Greek and means internal. Internal, that is, hidden somewhere in the depths of the essence of humanity, inaccessible, unknowable. Thus, esotericism means secret knowledge, hidden inside and attainable only through extrasensory perception. Therefore, esotericism is knowledge and experience available only to a close circle of selected people. Esotericists diligently protect their secrets from the uninitiated. For this reason, they lock themselves in secret societies

and brotherhoods, separating themselves clearly from the outside world. Esoteric associations can be found in various cultures. Already in antiquity there were secret mystery groups, such as the Egyptian cult of the goddesses Isis and Osiris and the Syrian cult of Adonis. Only masters had access to the mysteries. Admission to the community followed a ceremonial ordination and involved difficult initiation rites. The goal of the mysteries was salvation, so adepts were required to purify their souls, scarred by sensuality, in order to pass through the future judgment and the perilous road to eternal light without the slightest hindrance. Preparation for salvation was to be asceticism. Actual divinization was attained through sacred meals, during which, it was believed, the deity himself was eaten. In the Middle Ages, the esoteric tradition developed primarily in German Hasidism. Through the Spanish Kabbalah, the mystical direction of Judaism, esotericism became a folk religion. It was believed that the widespread spread of this secret science heralded the end of the world.

Unexplained phenomena – the subject of study of psychotronics

Unexplained phenomena described in esoteric literature are the subject of the study of parapsychology, especially psychotronics. In the popular mind, psychotronics is regarded as the domain of magic rather than science. This thinking is accompanied by the veil of mystery inherent in esotericism. According to parapsychologist Jozef Switkowski, a phenomenon is attributed a magical character when the conditions of its origin seem to contradict the known laws of nature. In this sense, some objects of psychotronic research can appear magical, especially those that are awe-inspiring, repulsive and attractive at the same time. Nowadays, most of these phenomena manage to be explained by scientific methods. However, there are some whose essence cannot be fathomed by rational means. Psychotronics is already an independent, interdisciplinary branch of knowledge, which, as defined by Zdenek Rejd√°k, deals with forces acting at a distance. It considers interactions both between people and between people and the organic and inorganic world around them. These interactions involve energetic forms of higher organized living matter. Psychotronics also studies the energetic essence of phenomena traditionally known under the terms of telepathy, telekinesis, telegnosis (clairvoyance) and a number of other seemingly inexplicable internal missions of the body.

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