How can I tell if I like someone?

How can I tell if I like someone?

When we are looking for a partner for ourselves, we tend to try to pigeonhole people with whom we have a chance, but also those we like. However, we often expect this interest to be reciprocated. After all, no one wants to waste time in a relationship with a person who looks around all the time for someone to run away from us to. To determine whether we like someone, we don’t have to ask him at all, just observe carefully.

Pay attention to body language

Body language is often more than ninety percent of the actual message conveyed by another person. It can often contradict what someone is saying to us. Pay attention to his posture. A person you like will try to position himself so that you see his assets. Men will straighten up and try to stretch their figure or flex their muscles gently, women, on the other hand, will expose their neck or extend their legs slightly toward you if they are sitting. On the other hand, a slightly hunched posture, arms folded over the chest and a fleeing gaze may indicate that they don’t like someone.

Check who the person is focusing on in the crowd

If you are in a place where there are a lot of people, walk away for a moment on any pretext and see if the person is looking for you with his eyes in the crowd. If you liked her and gave her some attention, she will think she has a good chance with you and won’t let you go easily. However, if she eagerly looks at other people in the establishment and doesn’t particularly care what you do and with whom, it is unlikely to bode well for your future. It’s not just that he doesn’t like you, but that he immediately looks around for someone else. You may have boosted his ego enough to make him believe that he can have anyone that day, and not specifically you.

Let him keep the conversation going

A person you’ve taken a liking to will be happy to keep the conversation going, unless she’s too shy to take the initiative. Encourage her to see if she actually wants to spend time with you. You can end the topic and look at her expectantly to let her know that now it’s her turn to speak up with something new. If she picks up on a topic quickly, your chances are excellent. However, if she thanks you for the conversation and approaches someone else, it’s better not to run after him and start a new topic, because he probably won’t be interested in discussing anything with you at all any longer.

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