How to make a protective shield of thoughts?

Sending warm feelings, meditating for a loved one, praying for them – these are the most powerful talismans.

How to make a protective shield of thoughts?

Thoughts and feelings are energies that know no boundaries. Therefore, you don’t have to be in the same room or even in the same country with the person you want to protect. Our warmth and love reach just as quickly, easily to your son’s school three streets away, as they do to the Himalayas or Antarctica, if that’s where any of your loved ones thought of going.

Begin the protection ritual with a few deep breaths, so as to calm the mind, quiet yourself. Invoke the image of the person you want to surround with protection. The idea is not to make her appear with photographic accuracy, but to feel her presence. If we love someone, this is not difficult, because at some level we constantly feel these presences. Now take three slow, deep breaths, drawing as much air into your lungs as possible, before each exhalation hold your air for a moment. Think of your positive energies – gratitude, life force – and send them in your mind to the person you want to protect. Let your breath surround her like a shield.

Say aloud the words: here and now I am the unity of existence. The elemental forces unite in my heart, which supports the entire Universe and is now with you (here name the person you want to protect).

Think of your heart, feel how it is warmed up. Draw in the air strongly and, along with a long calm exhalation, send a wave of your love to the person for whom you are performing this ritual. Take another three deep breaths to return calmly to your activities. In your mind, thank the Higher Power for allowing you to send protection to the person you love.

A compassionate love-filled heart is the best protection against evil.

If you feel anxious

Because you can’t reach your child, friend, husband, light a blue candle. Its color is associated with patience and inner peace. It has great protective properties, so a blue candle lit for the intention of the person you are worried about – it will surround her, you and your relationship with protection. Its light cleanses the atmosphere and attracts good luck.

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