Is it possible to make anyone fall in love with you?

Is it possible to make anyone fall in love with you?

Surely many of us have wondered if we could have an infinite number of potential candidates for a partner. After all, it is said that this flower is half the world, but probably no one thinks that it has a chance with all members of the opposite sex. And rightly so, because it is biologically impossible to arouse love in everyone. However, this does not apply to infatuation.

Everyone wants to feel attractive

Whether we want to please everyone or just that one selected person, we feel good when we are convinced of our attractiveness. This is one of the elements that affects our self-esteem, and as with most such elements, it is possible to completely curve one’s self-image. Many people exaggerate one way or the other about their abilities. However, there is not a single person in the world who pleases everyone when we talk about appearance alone. Fortunately, our attractiveness also depends on our character traits, but still, it’s hard to build a first impression with other people on it.

We can please the majority

In every culture there are certain universal traits that appeal to everyone, often even regardless of gender. Big eyes and a small nose are certainly more to our liking than the opposite mix. However, just because we please others doesn’t immediately make them infatuated with us. After all, anyone can tell whether someone looks attractive or not, completely independent of their own preferences. Precisely because each of us is different, there will never be a situation in which we fit perfectly into the preferences of everyone in our circle. However, this does not mean that we cannot work on our image.

How to improve your image

As it turns out, for women, it’s more important what we say and how we say it, while for men, physical appearance plays a much bigger role. This is quite a simplification, but it works in the vast majority of cases. Therefore, when we want to look good in the eyes of men, we need to put on neat and preferably modest clothes that perfectly emphasize our qualities, such as a nicely-cut waist, while for women we need to focus on what she wants to hear and how to speak to her. With time, of course, these differences pass, but we are now mainly concerned with the first impression, on which occasion it is worth presenting the right posture of our body.

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