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I am asking for your opinion about spells from There is an offer of love spells such as love binding spell, powerful love spell, wicca love spell. Here’s the exact offer:

-Wicca love spell $249

-Powerful love spell $149

-Spell to attract love $149

-Loyalty spell $149

-Aura cleansing $149

-Money spell $169

-Spell to break up $169

If anyone has used it, please share a review.

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  • Margaret

    Hello, I am looking for an effective spell caster and was interested in the website I would appreciate any honest feedback on the effectiveness.

  • Derta

    Two weeks ago I ordered a Wicca love spell. So far the situation has not changed. My love situation is difficult. A man left me because of my fault, because I met with my ex-boyfriend several times. When he found out, he got very upset, considered it a betrayal and left me. I hope the Wicca spell will help me get him back.

  • Derta

    Things are a little better at the moment. We are in contact again. He is responding to my messages, but there is still a long way to go to get back together. Let’s hope it gets better and better.

  • Derta

    My love situation is moving forward. We’ve had coffee twice in the past week. Honestly, I’m starting to be optimistic.

  • Derta

    Sorry I haven’t posted lately, but a lot has happened in my life. The most important thing is that the Wicca love spell worked. We have been together again for 3 weeks now. In my last comment I wrote that we have been meeting more and more often. Finally, during one of the next meetings, we came to the conclusion to try again. Interestingly, this proposal came from a man. Of course I agreed. Now everything is going great between us. I hope that this state will last as long as possible. Regards sincerely.

  • Sinny

    Has anyone used the love binding spell? I have come across on a few other sites that it is an effective spell and am seriously considering using it.

  • cream

    Sinny, do you have any feelings while casting spells? I am a few days after Wicca spell form and I was a bit lethargic while performing spells.

  • cream

    For me, there have been some changes. Before, I had infrequent contact with him, i.e. he would reply to my messages, but I usually had to write to him several times. Meanwhile, two days ago he wrote to me, for no reason. I believe this is a good sign.

  • cream

    It gets better all the time. Yesterday he texted me asking if I had time. I was surprised, but I wrote him back and we agreed to go out for the evening. It was romantic and we went to bed with each other. Honestly, I think the wicca spell is starting to work.

  • Sinny

    So far, nothing has changed. I will briefly tell my story. I decided to do a love binding spell because the man I had serious plans with left me after 3 years. He said that he still needed to break out. We are both 28 years old. At that age, in my opinion, we should start thinking about settling down and starting a family. He has a different opinion. The fact that he left hurt me a lot, the first few days after the breakup were tragic. When I recovered, I decided to fight for this relationship, hence the decision to use a love spell. I hope that the effects will come.

  • Agnes

    I feel for you. A man left me after a 2 year relationship where there were ups and downs but I thought we were made for each other. Things started to break down when his ex started messing things up between us. He didn’t go to her but I know they are dating. This is very difficult for me and so I want to use an effective spell.

  • cream

    For me, the situation is improving all the time. I haven’t written in 3 weeks and in that time we have met three times and they were successful dates. I can see from him that I think he wants to come back, but he is still hesitant. I don’t want to put pressure on him. I am waiting for him to make a move and am hopeful.

  • Sinny

    In my case is also better, we have contact with each other, we write normally, we explain certain matters. But there is still a long way to go back, or so it seems to me.

  • cream

    I would like to inform you that the spell was successful. 4 days ago, a man offered me to come back. During this conversation, he admitted that he had thought about it before, but didn’t dare to ask. I guess he thought I would reject him because in our earlier meetings, I hadn’t made it known that I also wanted to come back. I pretended that I didn’t mind these casual meetings. Overall, I am very happy now, and I wish you all the best.

  • Sinny

    In my case, I see an improvement too. We meet again, basically we made an appointment twice. The atmosphere of these meetings was rather friendly, I still don’t know if he cares about us being together again. Spell caster made me wait up to 4 months for the effects, so I’m still trying to be patient.

  • Amina

    I accidentally came across this page and thought I’d sign in too, because I’m 3 weeks after the end of the wicca love spell for my intention. There are no major changes so far. I would like to get back my husband who left me for mistress lover a few months ago.

  • Amina

    Recently, I met my husband, we talked for several hours. From what I deduce, he would like to come back, but he is overwhelmed by the whole situation. I figured I would give him more time. I would like him to come back of his own free will, that would be his decision, so I will not pressure.

  • Beatrice

    I ordered a powerful love spell 4 weeks ago and it seems to me that my love situation has really improved. I think these spells are working. It hasn’t come back yet, but at least I have better contact with an ex-man. I have to wait up to 4 months, I hope it will work out.

  • Turn

    Hello. Aura cleansing helped in my situation. For several months I was in a mental depression. I decided to use aura cleansing and it really brought results. I am very pleased with the results. I have a lot of vitality and I get up smiling.

  • rttr

    Turn – can you write when you started noticing the first results of aura cleansing? I have been feeling bad for a few weeks and I have been thinking about using this spell.

  • Turn

    The first positive effects of the spell appeared after 3-4 weeks, then it got better and better. It’s been 5 months since the spell and I really feel great.

  • golsa

    I also give the highest rating. The spell worked, although my love problem was serious – the man left me and dated other women. After the spell was performed, our relationship slowly improved. We started dating again and finally felt we could try again.

  • Moinique

    For me, the combination of two spells worked – separation spell (because the man I wanted to regain already had a new partner), and love binding spell for me and the man. I searched many websites for love spell offers, but I found the most credible. I was right, because the combination of these two spells had a great effect – he left that woman and came back to me. Greetings.

  • fines

    My love problem was really serious. I wanted to get back the man who broke off the engagement with me. The reason he left was because I had met up with my ex a few times. He considered it a betrayal, but the truth was that we met for coffee to talk a bit. Unfortunately, my man didn’t listen to my explanations. He broke up with me and broke off contact. So
    I ordered a love spell, which I read about being the strongest spell. After less than 12 weeks the man came back to me. Now we are together again and planning our future together.

  • shelly

    For my part, I give 5/5 because the powerfull lov spell from worked. The man I wanted back came back to me. The other thing is that it’s been two months since we got back, but we still don’t understand each other 100% like we should. We still have things to work on if we want our relationship to last.

  • euve

    I confirm the above reviews. The spell really works, although my affair was really complicated. A man left me for his longtime friend. I thought about ordering a combo spell, so a separation spell to get them away from each other, and a powerfull love spell to get him to come back to me. For financial reasons, I only used the powerfull love spell and luckily that spell was enough. Within a few months, the man came back to me.

  • Arianna

    I highly recommend the website I ordered an aura cleansing there, the spell worked 2 months after I ordered it. I used it because for some time I was very weak, my muscles hurt and it was hard for me to get out of bed. I opted for the cleansing spell and within a few weeks I was better. After two months, I signed up for gym and salsa classes again. I have really recovered and am more sociable and talkative.

  • Emery

    When my boyfriend left me, I was in a really big hole. I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t find a place for myself. I decided to look for a way to get him back. I came across the website After checking reviews, I decided to order a Wicca love spell. Then I waited for the effects, for 6 weeks nothing happened. After this period we renewed contact with each other. I was very satisfied, but of course I expected more. We started to go for walks together. Then we met more and more often, until finally he proposed that we become a couple again. I am happy, since 5 weeks we are a couple again.

  • Claram

    When Paul left me, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was devastated and couldn’t get myself together. I started searching the Internet for ways to get my man back. That’s how I found and ordered a wicca spell. After casting the spell I calmly waited for the results. Nothing happened for a month, and I thought I had unnecessarily lost money. After a month the situation started to improve and the man contacted me. We exchanged messages for two weeks and then we started seeing each other again. After several meetings he asked me to give him another chance. I agreed and we are together again. Regards.

  • Euela

    After the man I was with for over 4 years left me, I couldn’t get my life together. This made me look for a chance to get him back. That’s how I came across the website. I decided to try the Wicca love spell, which I had read about on other sites, that it had high effectiveness. And indeed the spell worked. After almost 11 weeks of waiting, the man proposed to me again. We have been together for more than a month and are getting along very well. Regards.

  • Sandra

    I recommend the wicca spell that made a man come back to me within 10 weeks. I ordered because I was in a bad situation after a man left me. He didn’t leave for another woman, but decided that we were not right for each other. This was a great pain for me because we had been together for a year and a half. The effects of the spells came gradually, first we renewed contact with each other, then we met more and more often, until finally we came to the conclusion that we will try again. Best regards and good luck in love.

  • elinem

    I recommend a Wiccan spell that got my guy back. He left me because his parents were against our relationship. He was able to stand up to them up to a point, but when we had a worse time and started arguing with each other more, he couldn’t stand it and decided to leave me. I knew he was the one, so I decided I would do anything to get him back. I ordered a Wiccan spell because it seemed the strongest. And indeed, after more than two months, he proposed a meeting where he asked for another chance and apologized for leaving me. He learned to defy his parents and have his own opinion. I am really happy with the results of the spells.

  • cherr

    I ordered a wicca love spell because I felt my relationship was coming to an end. The first two years of our relationship were wonderful. We got along on every level. I thought it would be like this forever. Unfortunately, after two years our relationship started to deteriorate. He grew distant from me and went out more and more without me. He didn’t have another woman, but preferred to spend time with his friends. I decided that I had to fight for our relationship until it was too late. The love spell helped.
    We are spending more time together, he has finally opened up to me a bit, we get along very well. I would recommend to anyone who wants to improve their relationship.

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