I’m looking for effective Spell Caster. The website has an offering of spells:

Love binding spell $299

Egyptian love spell $299

The strongest love rite $449

Voodoo love spell $399

Classic love spell $219

Spell of responsibility $199

Reconciliation spell $219

Separation spell $219

Obsession spell $149

Marriage spell $199

Wicca love spell $299

Breakup spell $299

Beauty spell $299

Love attraction spell $299

If anyone has used it, please leave a comment.

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  • Chell

    Let me start by saying that there have been more ups than downs in our relationship. We met on vacation at the seaside. We liked each other very quickly. The first year was fantastic. We got along great and spent a lot of time together. Unfortunately, as time went by, we didn’t understand each other anymore and that led to our break up. At first I thought I could handle it. Unfortunately, time passed and I still couldn’t get over it. This prompted me to order love binding spell. The effects appeared after 8 weeks when he unexpectedly suggested that we meet. At the meeting he asked me to give him one more chance, to which I agreed. We have been together again for a month now and we get along very well.

  • Betty

    A wonderful spell that brought results. My life situation was bad, I gradually began to feel worse and worse, I lacked energy. This state of affairs lasted for a year and a half, I did not know what it was caused by. Probably burnout at work, but not only, because I had no strength for my hobbies, which used to give me pleasure. After the aura cleansing in 3-4 months, the situation has definitely improved. I have more strength to live, I want to get out of bed in the morning again, I have much more energy. What they write in articles about aura cleansing is true. I recommend it to anyone who is having a worse time in life.

  • Anny

    Has anyone used the love binding spell? I have come across on a few other sites that it is an effective spell and am seriously considering using it.

  • Filtes

    Anny, do you have any feelings while casting spells? I am a few days after Wicca spell from and I was a bit lethargic while performing spells.

  • Filtes

    For me, there have been some changes. Before, I had infrequent contact with him, i.e. he would reply to my messages, but I usually had to write to him several times. Meanwhile, two days ago he wrote to me, for no reason. I believe this is a good sign.

  • Filtes

    It gets better all the time. Yesterday he texted me asking if I had time. I was surprised, but I wrote him back and we agreed to go out for the evening. It was romantic and we went to bed with each other. Honestly, I think the wicca spell is starting to work.

  • Anny

    So far, nothing has changed. I will briefly tell my story. I decided to do a love binding spell because the man I had serious plans with left me after 3 years. He said that he still needed to break out. We are both 28 years old. At that age, in my opinion, we should start thinking about settling down and starting a family. He has a different opinion. The fact that he left hurt me a lot, the first few days after the breakup were tragic. When I recovered, I decided to fight for this relationship, hence the decision to use a love spell. I hope that the effects will come.

  • Liol

    I feel for you. A man left me after a 2 year relationship where there were ups and downs but I thought we were made for each other. Things started to break down when his ex started messing things up between us. He didn’t go to her but I know they are dating. This is very difficult for me and so I want to use an effective spell.

  • Filtes

    For me, the situation is improving all the time. I haven’t written in 3 weeks and in that time we have met three times and they were successful dates. I can see from him that I think he wants to come back, but he is still hesitant. I don’t want to put pressure on him. I am waiting for him to make a move and am hopeful.

  • Anny

    In my case is also better, we have contact with each other, we write normally, we explain certain matters. But there is still a long way to go back, or so it seems to me.

  • Feltes

    I would like to inform you that the spell was successful. 4 days ago, a man offered me to come back. During this conversation, he admitted that he had thought about it before, but didn’t dare to ask. I guess he thought I would reject him because in our earlier meetings, I hadn’t made it known that I also wanted to come back. I pretended that I didn’t mind these casual meetings. Overall, I am very happy now, and I wish you all the best.

  • Anny

    In my case, I see an improvement too. We meet again, basically we made an appointment twice. The atmosphere of these meetings was rather friendly, I still don’t know if he cares about us being together again. Spell caster made me wait up to 4 months for the effects, so I’m still trying to be patient.

  • Anny

    I am more and more optimistic. We’ve been dating regularly over the past weeks, but we’re still not a couple.

  • Anny

    It worked, a few days ago we got back together 🙂 🙂 🙂 It was worth waiting patiently. I greet all of you.

  • Belesa

    I ordered a love binding spell, which brought results about 3 months after the order. To be honest, at the time of ordering I didn’t expect stunning results, because my man left me and completely broke off contact with me, didn’t respond to my messages and set up an account on a dating site. I thought I had lost him forever, but decided as a last resort to try a love spell. It turned out that the spell worked quickly. Just 3 weeks after the spell ended, we renewed contact, started writing to each other and meeting. This state of affairs lasted about a few weeks, after which we became a couple again. We have been together again for 2 months and really get along as we did at the beginning. I am really satisfied and recommend.

  • Phiolet

    Egyptian love spells were conducted a few days ago. My love situation is difficult, I have no contact with the man I want back. I will keep you informed about the effects of the spells.

  • Dheili

    Two weeks ago I ordered a Wicca love spell. So far the situation has not changed. My love situation is difficult. A man left me because of my fault, because I met with my ex-boyfriend several times. When he found out, he got very upset, considered it a betrayal and left me. I hope the Wicca spell will help me get him back.

  • Dheili

    Things are a little better at the moment. We are in contact again. He is responding to my messages, but there is still a long way to go to get back together. Let’s hope it gets better and better.

  • Alcey

    I decided to use love binding spell because for some time (about six months) I started to care about a certain man. We had some contact with each other, but it was more camaraderie and not very frequent. I wanted to do everything to make him stay with me. I had no idea how to get him the normal way, so I came up with the idea to use a love binding spell. After ordering it, I calmly waited for the effects. They began to appear after a month, when our contact became more frequent. We started to meet, have closer conversations and confidences. After 2 months of seeing each other he suggested that we become a couple, which I agreed to. Now we have been together for 6 weeks and we understand each other perfectly. Regards.

  • Dheili

    Sorry I haven’t posted lately, but a lot has happened in my life. The most important thing is that the Wicca love spell worked. We have been together again for 3 weeks now. In my last comment I wrote that we have been meeting more and more often. Finally, during one of the next meetings, we came to the conclusion to try again. Interestingly, this proposal came from a man. Of course I agreed. Now everything is going great between us. I hope that this state will last as long as possible. Regards sincerely.

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