Ritual for getting out of problems

Ritual for getting out of problems

For seven consecutive days, starting with the new moon, every day after sunrise, sit on a sunspot, close your eyes and clear your mind. Breathe deeply, diaphragmatically. On the inhale, imagine that you are drawing in golden air; on the exhale, imagine that you are letting out dark air that is poisoned with problems. If you are friends with angels, you can ask Raphael in your mind for help. Then imagine that you are surrounded by a beautiful green and sun-warmed meadow. Breathe slowly and deeply, gloating at the peace that permeates you.

On the last, seventh, day, do a ritual for which you will need:

– a black candle,

– matches,

– a copper coin

– a round pot,

– some river pebbles (pebbles),

– a glass of water,

– a goblet of red wine or red juice,

– a pot with a flowering plant.

Light a candle and set it in the center of the table. Place a round pot next to it, pour the pebbles into it and, pouring water over them, say the incantation: As the water has washed you, so the water has taken you away, so take my problems away.

Then with the water from the pot water the plant in the pot, saying: Go away with the water and never come back. In the soil in the pot bury a coin, saying: I bribe evil never to return. Finally, make a toast with a goblet, saying: To my health and future happiness. Make it happen. Throw the stones into the river, saying: Again the water will wash you, again the water will carry you, and with you my cares and problems.

Wear something red for seven consecutive days and burn sandalwood incense at home. Then, according to the rules of feng shui, put your house in order to make it sunny and clear. Clean out cluttered corners, too, so that bad energy has no place to nest. As you clean, imagine that you are sweeping the dark clouds of bad energy out of the house.

You can repeat the ritual once a month.

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