The importance of colors in magic

Colors in the environment have a great impact on your mood and well-being. Chromotherapy advocates even believe they can heal!

Learn the magical meaning of colors

By paying attention to the color of your clothes, you will tune into your communication with the environment. And if you want to remain invisible to the psychic energy of others, wear something black or white.

Black is in our cultural circle prestige, power, seriousness, intelligence. People who fancy it are generally ambitious, but also sensitive. They get emotionally aroused quite easily (although they also often try to hide it). The color black tells others to take you seriously. For Poles, it is primarily the color of mourning and mourning, but it is also the favorite color of magicians and sorcerers. Worn for larger outings and group occasions, it can protect against unwanted influences. This color acts as a shield – it reflects evil.

Brown is associated with the earth, and therefore something reliable, strong and stable. And this is how people whose closet is dominated by this color are perceived.

People who like brown, as a rule, are conservative, respectful of elders, looking for peace and stability. In the eyes of others, they are reliable, intelligent and reasonable. Brown is associated with autumn, the crops of the earth, abundance and richness of nature. If you want to add some confidence and feel a strong grounding, wear a blouse or scarf in these shades for a while.

Pink is a color typical of a flirty girl. However, even adult women use soft shades of pink when they want to emphasize their femininity. Its powdered and broken tones can be associated with sophistication.

If you want to add style, stock up on clothes in this color. It adds calmness and ease. Reduces the level of aggression. People who love pink tend to be romantic, optimistic and appreciate comfort. Some believe that it is not red, but pink that is the true patron saint of love.

Green is most often worn by active, financially stable, emotional, caring people. In chromotherapy it is considered a relaxing and soothing color. And no wonder, because being in nature has a similar effect, surrounded by green trees and bushes.

If you want to perform well during a speech of any kind, while adding to your animus, wear something in this color, even if only your underwear. But if you have a weaker moment, less energy and want to remain unnoticed, rather not put it on.

Blue causes us to have confidence in a person. It is a good color to wear to work. People tend to associate it with intelligence, trust and calmness.

It is liked by people who are kind, friendly, courteous and even shy. They are calm and composed people. Blue can also be associated with the sky and water. It is the color of good flow, helps develop positive communication with others, soothes conflicts and quenches disputes. It also helps soothe pent-up emotions.

Red is the color of power and passion. Choose it if you want to impress someone. The color ties in with our relationship to money and how we navigate the financial world. Bright shades of red draw the attention of those around you. They attract the gazes of men.

People who like this color crave attention, are excitable and self-centered. If you usually wear clothes in subdued colors, do an experiment and wear something in a shade of red once. Feel the power that comes from this color.

Yellow increases the production of serotonin in the brain. If you wear a yellow dress or shirt, you will improve the mood not only for yourself, but also for the people around you. The color speeds up your metabolism and turns up your creativity.

Those who wear it are active, fond of adventure, but they also tend to be dreamers. Deep yellow, which is associated with gold, was the color of imperial robes. If you want to feel luxurious and warm up in autumn, buy and wear accessories in this color.

White is chosen by people in the period when they start something new in their lives or enter a new chapter. White color attracts people who love freedom and have an optimistic outlook on life. It rarely repels others. It can be associated with purity and innocence, which is why it is the color of a bride’s dress. In Asia, it is the color of mourning, and in our country it is worn willingly especially in the summer, because it is the coolest.

Wear this color whenever you want to feel comfort and freedom.

Purple means that you are creative and love art. People who choose clothes in this color are sensitive, passionate, dreamy, they like mysticism. They are also unpredictable, difficult to deal with sometimes. This color has protective properties. It is good for going out, it will protect you from unwanted influences.

Gray Invokes balance. A person who puts it on wants to remain “invisible”. Gray is perceived as the color of staid and mature people who value calmness. That’s why many middle-aged men choose gray suits and older women choose gray dresses in an effort to remain neutral.

Stripes act as stimulus blockers from the environment, filtering out noise and irrelevant cues from the ether. They add vigor and feistiness. It’s a pattern that Coco Chanel took a liking to, inspired by the attire of Norman fishermen. And the blue striped shirt is a trademark of Pablo Picasso.

Flowers very strongly attract the eye, you can get more information from them from the astral level and have a broader picture of reality. This is a favorite pattern of the boho style, and originally of the flower children, or hippies. They promoted free love and peace, the symbol of that era is a flower inserted in the barrel of a shotgun.

Circles and spheres protect against energetic attacks. With their shape, they resemble an eye that watches for potential intruders. They repel bad energy and protect. They have an attracting and hypnotic effect.

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