The magic of stones: learn about the good energy of field stones

The magic of stones: learn about the good energy of field stones

Field stones have been in the interior of the earth for millions of years, accumulating everything that happened there. They want to tell us about it and transmit their power! If we get to a place where there are a lot of them, we have a chance to meet the eternal memory of the earth. And the fact that the stones “grow” in disarray is only apparent, because they lie in a place that has been waiting for them. If you find yourself among many field stones, don’t move them, don’t arrange them in a circle, as you may be ruining the flow of energy between them. On the other hand, it is a good idea to sit among them for as long as possible to recharge yourself with this power.

Fieldstones have their own vibration and produce a friendly energy field. Go from stone to stone, don’t rush. You can even stop by them and say hello. Check how they smell, touch them. The Celts believed that anyone who took a stone from the field and carried it constantly ensured unearthly power. Therefore, they built stone circles and alleys to draw energy from them. It is worth having in the garden, on the allotment or on the balcony even a miniature circle made of stones found in the field.

How to use the energy of rocks and stones?

Wash the stones under a strong stream of water or dip them in salt, bury them in the ground or surround them with sandalwood or lavender incense. The stones we have at home are also worth cleansing of accumulated energy from time to time, because when we are near them, we don’t always feel joy. Sometimes it is anxiety, frustration or even anger, and they accumulate all these emotions.

After a thorough cleaning, we can energize the stone. Holding it in both hands, say: “may this stone protect (insert name) from unpleasant events” or: “may this stone keep good energy at (insert name)”. Remember to always imbue the stones with positive vibration, because what you send, it will come back to you multiplied. So it’s not worth destroying your own energy by coming up with negative affirmations for others.

If we give someone a stone, we give them a sense of security. The apparent coolness and hardness of the lump is a sign of indestructibility. It is worth giving a stone to a person who endures the hardships of life very hard. It will give her strength and optimism. Field stones are also attributed the power to provide decent material conditions. They will not make us millionaires, but they will guarantee financial security.

Meditate with minerals

If you get a field stone from someone, ask where it came from. You need to know why this particular one came to you. If you find it, remember as many details as possible of the area where it was born and grew up. Because along with him, he brings you his karma, knowledge, the wisdom of that place.

If you want to make contact with him, you must first get to know him, and then feel and understand him. Embrace it carefully, what color, smoothness or roughness it has, touch it lightly with your fingers, embrace it with your palms. When you take it in your hand, feel its “energy”. As often as possible, hold it in your left hand, which is assigned intuition. Talk to him, because this is the only way to know his secrets and soul. Handle it gently. If you put it on a shelf, wrap it with thin paper, wool, silk.

If you start collecting stones, don’t mix them with each other, so that they don’t interfere with each other and their power doesn’t leave them. Keep the ones you are not currently handling near you at all times. Rinse them frequently in water and expose them to sunlight. Remember that the stone’s energy comes into contact with your aura. Place it on a table, look at it and concentrate on its messages. Who knows if you won’t take from it the wisdom it has been accumulating for thousands of years!

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