What not to do after a breakup?

What not to do after a breakup?

Breakups are extremely hard and, for many people, derail the entry into a new romantic relationship for years to come. Sooner or later, however, each of us gets over the breakup. Unfortunately, the means we use to do this are not always the right ones, and sometimes, instead of shortening the period of forgetting our ex, it even extends it to the limit of all possibilities.

Don’t look for someone new right away

This is a very common method for dealing with a broken heart. We often mistakenly assume that when we bond with someone new right away, it will be easier to forget our ex. Usually, however, such tactics work quite the opposite. It is harder for us to forget our partner at a time when our new other half is constantly reminding us of him. On top of that, we are constantly comparing and looking for similarities, sometimes even demanding that the other person somehow conform to what we expect of him or her, completely ignoring the fact that he or she will never be, and should never be, anything like the person we broke up with.

Pretending to be happy for show

Don’t try to show your ex that you’re better off without him, when in reality this is completely not the case. First of all, because he will certainly sense desperation in your actions and will not believe that you are actually okay. Secondly, this will in no way help you pick up the pieces after the breakup. You will unnecessarily waste your time proving something to someone, instead of focusing on yourself. After a breakup, especially if it was painful for you, you need to focus on yourself first. Once you’re feeling better, you can actually show the world that you’re okay now, but don’t ever do it by force.

Don’t try to make it come back

It’s also important to respect the wishes of our now ex-partner. If he decides to break up with us, it means that he no longer wants to be with us. Pressuring him and even demanding that he come back to us will only make him quite resentful of us. We can try this after a longer period of time, but not right away. Give your ex space. After all, if you were the one breaking off a long-standing relationship with someone, you probably wouldn’t want to receive daily messages from the other person urging him to return. Don’t invade him at work and don’t write to his friends, let him breathe and possibly after time try to convince him to return.

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