Who should not use Tarot and why?

Who should not use Tarot and why?

Tarot is a deck of standard 78 cards covered with various types of images that have individual meanings.

Since the Middle Ages it has served as a guide for people on the path of life, helping them to understand the past, accept the present or bring the future closer. It was these qualities that for a very long time Tarot was considered an instrument of evil, a symbol of the Devil.

Was it rightly so?

After all, the cards themselves are not evil, it is the person who uses them who imbues them with his energy and intentions. They are only a tool, not the perpetrator. Many people blame them for what happens in their lives, they believe that if they did not know what would happen, they would live better. Such a statement can work in a situation where we assume that what the Tarot shows us is indispensable and sealed by fate.

Tarot does not give you a guarantee that something will happen, it only shows you the most probable course of events, as a natural consequence of the energy you emanate at the time of placing the distribution. Remember, you can always influence your life.

Who should not use Tarot?

Here are some examples.

People who expect a 100% guarantee.

If you are asking the Tarotist to tell you what will happen so that you can “do your own thing,” this is not a good intention. It often means actions contrary to what appeared in the cards.

Tarot is supposed to be a guide for you, a signpost to your goal, not a means to achieve it.

If you have bad intentions, plan to continue your actions to someone else’s detriment, and yet your morality needs reassurance that “everything will be fine” – do not reach for the wisdom of Tarot cards.


This is not related to legal maturity, because, as we know, young people are often characterized by an exceptional awareness of their actions, but to the fact that they are people who are just creating their life path.

In the search for our vocation, inner self or purpose, we may unconsciously follow the path that has been “imposed” on us in the cards, not paying attention to the fact that it is only a hint that will work only when applied to our habits and daily life.

When you find your place on Earth and direct your life compass to a specific point, then you can begin your adventure with Tarot, its conscious use will help you bring harmony and peace to your inner self.

Pregnant women

With this rule there are exceptions, but they are rare, they depend on the subject of the questions and the situation in which the person is and individual factors.

Why should such distributions be avoided?

Because the energy of life developing in a woman can affect her energy vibration and give a misleading picture of divination. A decomposition that, it would seem, resonates with a person, may not at all be in line with her subconscious feelings. And this is all due to the mixture of energies, emotions, under the influence of which he is. It’s better to put Tarot when the energies of two souls do not mix.

Who can benefit from Tarot?

Anyone who does not fall into the above-mentioned groups and wants to improve the awareness of his life. Remember, the cards will do you no harm if you approach them with respect and an open mind.

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