Why do we desire to be in a relationship?

Why do we desire to be in a relationship?

Despite the fact that more and more people are choosing to live alone, people who want to form relationships are still a sizable group. Why are we so drawn to building a relationship with another person? There are many reasons, but a few are the most common and determine our approach to life. Will not being in a relationship make us sadder? Not necessarily, but many of us base our happiness precisely on a relationship.

Social pressure and relationships in our environment

Our friends in relationships often spread before us a vision of the ideal relationship they live in. The gifts, joint outings and nice times they tell us about motivate us to look for our other half. After all, we very rarely hear our female friends complain about their partners, especially if they are just starting a new relationship. In fact, our whole environment cries out to us that being in a relationship is great. We want to enjoy ourselves as much as everyone around us, and we often feel less comfortable when it’s just us without a partner, making it impossible to join in the conversation about our friends’ or acquaintances’ other halves.

Fear of loneliness and dependency

Many people are afraid of being alone. Especially if she has been in a relationship with someone for a good part of her life. When we break up after a long-term relationship, we feel an emptiness that slowly overwhelms us. It is then not enough to go out to a party or a movie with friends, we need someone close to us. In addition, the news that our ex has already found someone for himself can affect us negatively. Then another fear arises: what if we can’t cope alone? After all, until now, someone has always been with us and could help in a difficult situation. Such fears fuel our desire to find ourselves a new or first second half, as this does not only apply to people after a breakup.

The desire to settle down and go out on our own

Many of us mainly associate settling down with finding our other half and starting a life together with her. It is hard for us to imagine a happy life spent alone in our own home, focusing only on work. This is due to our culture’s approach to building an adult life. That’s why at some point we get the idea that it’s high time to find someone, because it’s simply wrong not to have someone. The same may apply to the desire to have children, after all, we are not able to do it alone. Then we are anxious to build a relationship for this one specific purpose.

Will love magic help you find a partner?

With love spells you can find a partner with whom you will fall in love with reciprocity. It is worth using a spell to attract love into your life, so that within a few months you will meet a person with whom you will fall in love with reciprocity.

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