What is a talisman?

What is a talisman?

To answer this question, we need to resolve the question of what a talisman is. It is an object that is designed to bring us luck, to attract positive energy and light to us, to charge us with power. Something that we can never part with, wearing it close to the body, or something that we put away in a drawer and do not expose to the light of day – its effect will not change regardless of its location.

What can be a talisman?

Any object that we believe brings us such luck. Unlike amulets, talismans do not have to be created for a specific purpose, they can be random objects that, for example, accompanied us in difficult, unfortunate situations. This is where stories about people who worship objects seemingly not worth it come from. Like the breastplate that deflected a bullet and at the same time saved the life of the soldier carrying it. A small stone that fell into the spokes of a bicycle speeding towards your small child. Anything that at some point in our lives we have recognized as bringing us luck can become a talisman. An important point about a talisman is that its form can change, if we consider a large-sized object as lucky, a small part of it framed in a bracelet or pendant will work just as strongly. Remember that it is a personal object, charged with your energy and intentions, something private that you should not share with other people. The external energy of third parties can affect the action of your talisman, can disrupt it, or worse, turn it away from you. Even if your talisman is not close to you, be sure to keep it hidden from the influence of others.

Is it worth it to have a talisman?

A talisman can be your support in difficult times or a driving force in those better moments of life. You can pour on it what is on your heart or ask for support in your upcoming plans – the talisman is supposed to attract good to you, so it’s hard to talk about its negative influence.

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