Karmic relationship

A karmic relationship is a relationship between two people that is repeated in each incarnation. Individuals encounter each other and know that they are connected by something amazing and impossible to explain – this is precisely the result of repeated encounters in previous lives. For any person longing for love, such a relationship seems ideal. It may seem that nothing better could happen to a person than to come across a person destined for each other.

Unfortunately, in practice, karmic relationships mean relationships that are very difficult, because they are projected by all previous incarnations, and they did not always have to be positive contacts. People who are karmic partners can’t forget about each other, they are made for each other, and at the same time they can’t last long with each other. Their relationships constantly fall apart, only to be reunited after a while. This causes frustration and anger. They would give their lives for each other, but they themselves also contribute to the suffering of their beloved. What most negatively affects relationships in future generations are hastily made vows. A person can fall out of love, forget what he or she promised, but karma will keep that promise and its effect will return in some incarnation. Failure to fulfill a promise will hinder other relationships, even when the person has no idea what caused it. Of course, we are not doomed to this, by working on the relationship we can break bad karma, but this will require patience and perseverance. It is also necessary to avoid the pitfalls of successive declarations.

Similar relationships do not have to involve only lovers, but very often family members, such as parents and their children, although relationships can be variously altered. All the problems from previous incarnations return, and it is only up to us whether we use this as an opportunity to correct our mistakes or continue to replicate inappropriate behavior. Strict parents may unconsciously demand the fulfillment of promises from previous lives. Even more complicated are relationships that, fortunately, are no longer duplicated, but there are still echoes of them, i.e. student-master relationships. Such relationships were extremely strong because they involved all sorts of cults, rituals and creeds. The masters often used the energy of the disciples for their own purposes, which in the next generations may result in a strong dislike of a certain person. It may also turn out that there will be some kind of relationship between such people after all, because it is very difficult to completely cut off the karmic relationship.

Karmic relationships can also be the result of magic. If a person tries to force love with a spell, regardless of the fact that this spell may turn against him in a given incarnation, the effects will still be repeated many times. Either this person will become the object of unwanted love, his original victim, or he will continue to feel unfulfilled by this relationship, falling into the same vicious cycle again and again.

It is still worth mentioning that a karmic relationship is not just a relationship between two people who are close or emotionally connected. Karma can apply to any interpersonal contact, even if it involves some very fleeting relationship, such as with a person we hardly know. The strength of the relationship is then based not on the people themselves, but on the event or action. An example of this is murders, the victim and the killer form a very strong karmic relationship. The punishment will come for a very long time and, unfortunately, in such a situation it will be difficult to disconnect from previous incarnations.

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