Protection spell with the Pentagram

Protection spell with the Pentagram

The pentagram is one of the key symbols for Wiccans. It protects against the influence of negative energies. It should be drawn during all magical rituals.

Its name is derived from Greek. Penta means five, and gram means written or drawn. The sign already appeared in ancient Sumer, but not as a religious symbol. In the sixth century B.C., Pythagoras made it a symbol of man, and his students made it a secret sign of recognition when the school had to go underground. In China, it depicted the five elements. The pentagram entered religion through Judaism, which associated it with the tree of life, and early Christians – with the five wounds of Jesus. Later, knights marked armor and shields with it, as they considered it a divine sign of protection.

Throughout this time, the pentagram was not associated with evil powers at all. This changed in the 14th-16th centuries, when the symbol was borrowed by occultists, who drew inspiration from gnosis and paganism, among other things. Christians accused occultists of heresy and Satan worship. And automatically everything that ceremonial magicians used was considered evil. This included the pentagram. And to this day it is shrouded in a nimbus of infamy.

Where did the pentagram’s bad fame come from?

In 1960 it was taken over by Satanists, and Hollywood placed it in many horror films, reinforcing its position as a symbol of evil. Today, it is often assumed that a pentagram with the tip pointing downward signifies evil (since it resembles the mouth of a horned goat, the devil), and one pointing upward signifies protection from it. From a Wiccan perspective, however, it has no meaning. For them, it simply represents the five elements and the universe (the circle that surrounds the star). They see nothing negative in it.

However, there is a difference in meaning depending on its position – a pentagram facing up symbolizes the spirit that rises above matter, and facing down – the spirit that returns to it. This is important during initiation rituals. The downward-facing sign was meant to help one look inside oneself and confront one’s dark side – fears, primitive emotions, prejudices, ignorance – to aid in self-development.

Protection ritual with the pentagram

The pentagram in a circle should be drawn during all magical rituals. Sometimes it is drawn with an athame knife on a table, and spell-enhancing items are placed in the center. Or it is sketched on the floor with white chalk or strewn with salt so that its reach encompasses the magician and protects him from the influence of negative energies.

If you want to protect yourself from detraction, the evil eye or arrows of hatred:

Pile up a small pentagram of salt, for example, on a dresser or bedside table (in a quiet place) and in the center put pictures of people you want to protect. Place white candles (e.g., tealights) on the tips of the star and burn them every day for a few hours (replace the used ones) until the danger has passed.

You can also carry the talisman with you, for example, as a pendant. Ideally, it should be made of silver.

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