Repulsion ritual

When you are weakened, have no mood, no appetite, are plagued by nightmares, cleanse yourself with a salt bath and perform a ritual of repulsion!

How not to give in to black magic?

Cleanse yourself with a bath in salt

Pour a kilogram of coarse salt into your bath water, immerse yourself in the warmth. Close your eyes and think that you are being washed by the waves of the sea, cleansed by the sun’s rays. Imagine a cascade of water that breaks the light into all the colors of the rainbow. Step out of the tub as the bath begins to cool. Take an alternating warm-cool shower.

Towel-dried, lie down in a quiet room, light sandalwood incense or sage herb. These aromas will cut you off from negative energies. Imagine sharp swords swirling around your body, but they do you no harm – they cleanse the space around you. Take in air through your nose and exhale through your mouth until you completely empty your lungs. Then you’ll empty your body and soul of energy filth that has been passed on to you by unfriendly people.

Repulsion ritual

When you feel like you are plagued by black thoughts through negative energy, the repulsion ritual will save you. How to perform it.

Light a wax candle, sandalwood incense or myrrh and arrange your hands as if you want to push something away from you. Say out loud that you are sending evil back where it came from. Repeat this at least three times. After 2-3 days you should suddenly feel light, free, optimistic. For this, one of your friends may suddenly feel worse, probably was the sender of negative words.

To strengthen the ritual, at the end you can wear a cross around your neck, a scapular, an Atlantean cross, a green malachite pendant or your favorite chain washed in salt water. It will spread a good aura around you!

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