Voodoo doll – does it really work?

Voodoo doll – does it really work?

Probably everyone has heard about the amazing possibilities of influencing the lives of others with the help of a properly made Voodoo doll, and, of course, the necessary occult knowledge. But, does this supposedly powerful artifact actually work?

In the traditional Voodoo cult, dolls are usually used by priests with a high degree of initiation and in-depth knowledge. There is a belief that only they are able to make a doll with extremely powerful powers, and at the same time know how to predict the effects caused by it. This does not mean that the average person cannot perform Voodoo rituals, but their effects can sometimes be unpredictable, or, as is most often the case, hardly noticeable. It is worth adding that sometimes the practice of Voodoo rituals can be dangerous in the hands of an unprepared person and lead him to possession or cause him considerable harm.

The action of a Voodoo doll is based on the internal energy of the priest performing the ritual. What counts above all is knowledge, concentration and strength of mind. Therefore, the effect of a ritual with a Voodoo doll depends not only on the intention, but also on the skill of the person who performs it.

Origin of the Voodoo doll

The Voodoo doll most likely derives from Haitian puppets symbolizing Loa spirits. The Loa or Lion is a spirit or deity in the Voodoo religion. It is said that this being is endowed with great power and almost unlimited abilities.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Voodoo doll was heavily popularized in the US, particularly in the New Orleans area. How did this happen? Well, through the slave trade.

The presence of the Voodoo religion in New Orleans can be divided into three stages. The first was the so-called African phase, which lasted from 1719 to about 1830, when the first slaves from Africa began to arrive in New Orleans. At that time, the Voodoo cult was not very different from its original African variety. The second phase was the Creole phase (1830-1930). During this period, Voodoo began to borrow some elements from other belief systems. It was then that the aforementioned religious syncretism, between Voodoo and Catholicism, first occurred in New Orleans. The so-called American Voodoo phase has lasted since 1930, and the cult has become permanently established not only in the New Orleans landscape, but also, and perhaps most importantly, in Western pop culture. Its most famous element is perhaps the famous doll.

Voodoo doll for good luck?

As mentioned earlier, the action of the Voodoo doll is based mainly on the power of the mind and knowledge of the priest using it, and the effect of the ritual is strongly dependent on these elements. Contrary to popular belief, a Voodoo doll can be used for more than just casting curses and charms. Although not everyone knows it, in fact it can also be used to heal or ensure someone’s happiness, love, business success, etc. In Louisiana Voodoo, using a puppet for good intentions is considered so-called white magic, while for bad intentions it is considered black magic.

Given the wide range of possible uses of the Voodoo doll, both for good and less good intentions, it should be emphasized that the end result of the ritual will always depend on the intention and skill of the priest. In doing so, some complicated and mysterious incantations are not necessary, while the key is concentration and directing one’s thoughts in a well-defined direction and with the right intention.

Most of us can probably guess what a typical ritual with a doll might look like. If, for example, we want to cause pain to someone, a properly made doll would simply be pricked with needles in the places of our choice. However, pricking a Voodoo doll with a needle in the right place and with the right intention can also have positive effects on the person the doll is meant to represent. So if our goal is a love charm, we should prick the puppet in a place that corresponds to the human heart. We act similarly in the case of a healing doll – with needles we pierce the places through which the sick person suffers. However, we should keep in mind that at the time of handling the needles, as well as – and most importantly – while making the puppet, our intentions should be properly directed and our mind firmly focused on them.

How to make a Voodoo doll?

The performance of a Voodoo doll depends mainly on the strength of mind and skill of the person performing the ritual, but not only. For it turns out that also the way the puppet is made is of great importance in this regard.

A person who ritually uses a Voodoo puppet should make it himself. Puppets sewn by someone else or bought in a store will not bring any result. Using them will simply be a waste of time, resulting in the conclusion that Voodoo rituals do not work. For them to work, they should be performed according to tradition! This is because, according to Voodoo beliefs, during the creation of a ritual puppet we transfer to it a large dose of our own energy, so the prop works only in the hands of its creator.

According to the tradition of the cult, the Voodoo Doll is made only from natural materials. The only exception may be additions, such as objects belonging to the person (e.g., a plastic button) that the doll represents. The main building blocks of the puppet should be natural materials, such as wood, straw, or hair. The components of the puppet should be properly colored to best match the skin color of its human prototype.

A properly made Voodoo Doll should faithfully reflect the human target of the ritual. For this reason, it is essential that it contain some personal item or component from that person – such as epidermis, a piece of nail, hair. In the place of the head, it is advisable to place a photo of the face of the person whose doll is to be reflected. It is advisable to disguise the doll in a way that resembles the person who is the target of the charm as much as possible, for example, by sewing onto it fabrics that resemble the clothes he is most likely to wear.

After the ritual is completed, the Voodoo doll must be burned or buried, preferably away from the residence. It must not be used again, even if the object of the spell is to be the same person.

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