The magic of stones

The magic of stones

Virtually every religious and philosophical system has described what power individual stones have within them. We contemporaries may be surprised to learn that although Ayurveda or Druidism differ in their perception of the world, they characterize individual stones quite similarly and attribute similar properties to them.

Agate is a stone of strength, power and longevity. The one with a red color provides healthy blood. The gray-brown one (called mossy) is used to ensure an abundant harvest.

The beautiful purple amethyst has been considered since ancient times as a stone to help deal with various addictions. Probably because it gives its owner a powerful spiritual force.

Beryl is worth wearing if you have liver problems. Historically, it was believed to be a stone that attracts good luck.

The sun stone, or amber (although it is actually the fossilized resin of coniferous trees growing millions of years ago), has been used since the dawn of time as an ornament. But it is worth wearing it to prevent colds (especially at this time of year).

When vitality is lacking, it is worth tapping into the power of red garnet. Besides, it is a stone that protects against various skin diseases.

Coral is used to avoid problems with the digestive tract. This stone also has the power to inform about the illness of its owner – it then becomes more pale red.

Blue as the sky turquoise by the Indians was considered an unusual talisman. Medieval alchemists, on the other hand, believed that it attracted wealth and helpful people. And when someone complained of vision problems, they also told him to wear ornaments with this stone.

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