How to make a protective amulet?

How to make a protective amulet?

You will need: a white candle, the flame of which will cleanse you and your surroundings from negative energies, as well as modeling clay in four colors: red (Fire element), green (Water element), brown (Earth element) and blue (Air element).

Light a candle. Try to clear your mind of the worries of everyday life. You can help yourself with a series of deep breaths, three times seven each. Draw air in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Now imagine that you are gliding among blue clouds with golden rays of the sun shining through them. Slowly descend your flight towards the ground, fly out from behind the clouds and, when you come above the ground, pay attention to the first object that comes before the eyes of your imagination. It could be a multi-shaped pebble, a branch or even a geometric figure.

This first shape you notice is a sought-after protective amulet. Its form is not accidental, it is suggested to you by your subconscious.

Now you need to make this shape out of modeling clay, using four different colored pieces (their placement is secondary, as is whether you reproduce this shape perfectly). The size of the amulet is not important, although it is better not to make it too big, since from now on your daughter will carry it with her constantly.

Before starting to make the amulet, say the incantation: I build, I create, I give shape, as a mother gives life. Toward the good. Toward light. Toward joy. At the end of your work, say the finishing spell: I build, I create, I give shape, as a mother gave life. Toward the good. Toward the light. Toward joy. After that, the amulet should be baked in the oven to harden the modeling clay.

Give the amulet to your daughter, let her carry it with her all the time (she can hang it on a red ribbon around her neck to be near her heart), and in difficult moments, let her close it in her hand and feel the power of motherly love flowing from it.

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